About the PSSBC League
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3rd Philippine Secondary School Basketball Championship

“Ironcon Builders Cup”


Board of Governers

Dr. Cecilio Pedro Mr. Jaime Lim

Mr. Dioceldo Sy Mr. Leoncio Chua

Mr. Eduard Tio Mr. Rudy Yu

Mr. Jimmy dela Cruz     Mr. Terry Que


Objectives of the League 

· To provide an avenue for elite teams in the secondary level of different leagues to compete with each other.

· To provide our youth a league where they can continue to excel and develop their skills and make it to the collegiate level.

· To make the tournament prestigious, high school basketball teams need to finish in the top four of UAAP, NCAA & MMTLBA High School Basketball tournaments to be invited in the PSSBC.

Coach Edmundo “Ato” Badolato will be the commissioner and over-all in charge of the operations of the league. 


Management Committee Members:

Coach Edmundo “Ato” Badolato Mr. Rodrigo Roque

Mr. Efren Jose Supan Coach Sunny Co

Coach Bernard Yang Coach Edster Sy


Technical Committee

Assist the Commissioner in the technicality of games and in monitoring and evaluating the officiating of the referees.  

Technical Head Mr. Levy Valenzuela

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Jun Cordero

Officiating Referees SBP 



UAAP - Top 4 of the previous tournament

NCAA – Top 4 of this season



Teams will be divided into four groups as follows:

Group A – UAAP 1, NCAA 4, MMTLBA

Group B – UAAP 2, NCAA 3, MMTLBA

Group C – UAAP 3, NCAA 2, MMTLBA

Group D – UAAP 4, NCAA 1, MMTLBA


UAAP Final 4 – NU, ADMU, FEU, DLSZ (declined) - UE 


MMTLBA will draw lots –HCHS, XS, CKSC,SSHS

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